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Create your own Collection Card Portal


          Ideal for classrooms and other groups.  

1.  Upload all content in a Zip folder and save the file

(your name_school/institution_date).

2. Things you can upload in Zip file.

a. Close-up image you took of your specimen for front of card. 

b. A paragraph describing your specimen, scientific name/Common name. 

c. Video/audio files about your featured species.

d. A 3D model of your species. OBJ or FBX format.

e. Links to maps providing geolocation data coordinates, 

f. Audio and 30-60 second video files  about your featured species/specimen.


3. Your cards will be featured in our Libraries of Life community gallery.

All contributors will receive credit/attribution of works submitted and licensed under a CC BY-SA license.   


Contact us for further services and information.