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There are two ways to engage with this collection.
1. Click and print AR card and view via the free Libraries of Life app available at the iTunes or Google Play stores. 
1. Click on images that have the "WebAR" label to launch your mobile device camera or laptop webcam.
2. Print and aim camera over logo or print and hold in front of desktop webcam.
AR for the planet jpeg.jpg
Question Mark
Question Mark WebAR
Thorn bug
The Membracidae family belongs to the insect order Hemiptera (true bugs, leafhoppers, planthoppers, cicadas, aphids, whiteflies). Click on link
Thorn bug WebAR
Carolina mantis : AR Card
Carolina mantis : WebAR
Sonoran mantis
Asian Longhorned beetle
Tsetse fly
Click on link
Earth boring Scarab beetle
Stink bug and Parastoid
Tarantula Hawk Wasp
Pipevine swallowtail
Pipevine Swallowtail WebAR
Florida Leafwing
Florida Duskywing
Powesheik skipperling
Click on link
Atlas moth
Florida White
Silver-banded hairstreak
Miami blue butterfly
Palamedes swallowtail
Monarch butterfly
Schaus swallowtail
Zebra Longwing
Bartram Scrub Hairstreak
Frosted Elfin
Sulphur butterfly
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