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Anne served as key developer/Project Director of the Libraries of Life prototype initially developed in partnership with iDigBio and Arizona State University.  Anne partners with various museums and government institutions in developing innovative resources aimed to connect the general public with collections and the knowledge they provide about the natural world and our changing environment. Anne has an M.Phil degree from Cambridge University and a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Innovation from ASU. She has most recently worked as Education and Outreach Coordinator at the ASU Natural History Collections/Biodiversity Knowledge Integration Center.

    Anne Basham


Scientific Advisory Board

Co-founder of the Libraries of Life Project.

Austin is a research botanist currently an associate professor within the Department of Biological Science at Florida State University. He is also 

a member of the iDigBio Steering Committee and serves on the board of various global citizen science projects.

Austin Mast


Technology and Software Development

Adam has a BA in Computer Science and is a doctorate student in evolutionary sciences at the University of Arizona. He has played a key role in the backend development and 3D production pipeline of the Libraries of Life app. 


Adam Chmurzynski


Business Advisor

Tom Zender is a Phoenix-based professional CEO mentor. He held leadership roles at General Electric, Honeywell, and small-midsize companies. He is the author of four books about business leadership. Tom has served as an advisor of the ExplorMor team for the past two years.

Tom Zender


Scientific Advisory Board

An ecologist focused on biodiversity and biodiversity informatics at Northern Arizona University. Neil is the lead PI for two large collaborative projects funded by the NSF-ADBC program and a PI on a project funded by the NSF-Advances in Biological Informatics program.

Neil Cobb

Jennifer Zaspel.png

Scientific Advisory Board/Museum Outreach

Curator of Zoology at the Milwaukee Public Museum

Jennifer has over 15 years of experience in collections-based research and management, including two years as the Director of the UW-Oshkosh Insect Collection, and four years as Director of the Purdue Entomological Research Collection. Her research program is focused on the systematics and evolution of plant and animal host associations in erebid moths. 

Jennifer Zaspel

Lindsie McCabe.png

Community Outreach

Lindsie has extensive experience in biodiversity research and runs two educational programs: the Traveling Arthropod Show, which provides informal education to K-12 classes and citizen groups, and summer bug camps for 6-10-year olds. 

Lindsie McCabe


Community Partnerships

Museum House/ExplorMor Ambassadors

Logie is a homeschool mom who has for several years served as a volunteer establishing community partnerships and promoting our programs via social media, and recruitment.

Logie Zacpal